December 5, 2019
  • 7:02 am Some Of The Many Reasons You Need To Protect Your Car’s Finish With A Car Cover

If you walk down any street in America nowadays and you will stumble upon a ramification of motors. Cars, vehicles, vehicles, and SUVs line the streets and preserve us cell. Newer automobiles are becoming simpler for humans to obtain and the general public prefer to maintain them in accurate condition. One of the first-rate ways to take care of your automobile is to buy and use a vehicle cover.

Car covers are frequently used to defend your vehicle. Coming in both custom and preferred versions, there is a vehicle cover available for your car. Car covers are used for a diffusion of motives. It is higher to have a automobile cover for your vehicle than now not until your automobile sits in a storage.

Standard vehicle covers are ready made covers available at numerous places. These automobile covers will healthy sure models or sizes. Standard car covers are smooth to find, regularly bought in car components stores and department stores. As some distance as fee is going, these covers are typically cheaper than a custom cowl but, you can find it is comparable to the old announcing, “You get what you pay for.”

Custom vehicle covers are made to healthy a specific vehicle, typically specifically made, for this reason the name custom. You can order custom vehicle covers from the dealership that you purchased your car from. If you are not able to order a custom vehicle cover from the dealership, name the manufacturer of your vehicle and they should be capable of assist you. There are also groups that specialize in making custom automobile covers. At custom shops they will embroider your cover with names, pictures, sports activities groups and pretty much some thing you want put on one.

Another splendid area to find car covers is by using the use of the Internet. The Internet can allow you access to vehicle shops and strong point shops from round the world.

There are many reasons to purchase a car cover. The solar’s UV and UB rays can purpose damage for your paint and finish on your automobile. Over a span of a few years the end to your vehicle can start to rust if now not cared for properly. Car covers will upload years to the life of your paint job in your automobile. The sun can get quite hot throughout the daylight, consequently warming up the interior of your vehicle. The warmness places the dashboard and seat materials prone to fading dramatically over time. Along with heat and solar the weather may be extraordinarily unfavorable for your car. Hail harm is one of the maximum common claims for non twist of fate insurance claims. Just some dents or nicks from hail damage can drop the resale of your automobile by way of heaps of bucks.


The Mitsubishi Motors pick-up line is even more complete with the arrival of four new models: L200 Triton Savana Automatic, L200 Triton Outdoor Automatic, L200 Triton c4 corvette outdoor car cover Manual and L200 Triton Outdoor 2.4 Flex 4×2. The vehicles bring together the full personality, robustness and reliability of the L200 Triton line, with the practicality and sophistication to travel with the family. They are pick-ups designed to reflect the lifestyle, without giving up the resistance, quality and comfort. The models bring together the personality, robustness and reliability of the L200 Triton line, with the practicality to work and the comfort and sophistication for the trips with the family. They are pick-ups designed to reflect the lifestyle, without giving up the resistance, quality and comfort. “We are always looking to perfect our products and offer consumers robust, reliable and high technology vehicles. With the new models of the L200 Triton line, we are expanding the range of options with modern pick-ups that appeal to various profiles, whether for those who need the car on a day-to-day basis or even to enjoy family fun on the weekends, “says Reinaldo Muratori, director of engineering and planning at Mitsubishi Motors.

Off-road competitions are Mitsubishi Motors’ great laboratory for vehicle development. Proof of this are the three consecutive titles won by the L200 Triton in the Sertões Rally, the most important off-road race in Brazil. In addition, the L200 Triton shines in the Mitsubishi Cup, Brazil’s most traditional rally championship, which turns 17. This is one of the tests that require a lot of vehicles and result in learning and development as they go through extreme situations. The fuel tank has a capacity of 90 liters, giving much more autonomy to travel great distances. Externally, the L200 Triton is designed for a better aerodynamic performance and the coefficient of aerodynamic penetration is only 0.47, which results in more performance, fuel economy and less noise inside the vehicle. For ease of use in all situations, the turning radius is excellent, at 5.9 meters. The vehicles of the L200 Triton line are produced in Brazil at the Mitsubishi Motors plant in Catalão, interior of Goiás.

New L200 Triton Savana AT

Reference between off-road fans, thanks to the bold, innovative look and unique components, the L200 Triton Savana wins the automatic 5-speed version with Sports Mode. In addition to all the robustness and off-road capability, the pick-up arrives at the 2017 line equipped with new 16-inch alloy wheels. In celebration, 200 units will be produced with the exclusive Azul Azulcolor. In both versions, automatic or manual, the body is reinforced in six points and ensures even more safety and versatility. The vehicle has snorkel, which allows to cross flooded stretches up to 800 mm deep, ceiling rack, ideal for transporting large objects on the cabin, board, which helps in extreme situations of low adhesion, and two boxes for accessories in the bucket. To tackle mud and mud, it comes with Scorpion MTR 255/70 R16 tires, which enhance the off-road look of this pick-up. Externally, two-color details give the vehicle an even more modern look. Aggressive on the outside and comfortable inside. The L200 Triton Savana carries up to five passengers and comes equipped with Power Touch multimedia system, automatic air conditioning, windows, mirrors and electric locks. The seats are fitted with a neoprene cover and the rubber mat makes the interior even more elaborate, versatile and functional.

New L200 Triton Outdoor

There are three new models that receive the signature ‘Outdoor’, each with its own visual identity and external customization features, which convey adventurous and sporting spirit. The design with GrayGray painted parts reinforces the 4×4 lifestyle. “For years, the ‘Outdoor’ signature has become a benchmark for Mitsubishi pick-ups and synonymous with strength and stamina to face the most varied terrains. In the line 2017, we are launching new models and bringing back the name that has become a symbol of achievements and robustness, “says Muratori. The L200 Triton Outdoor AT is equipped with ‘Full Stone Gray’ grille and dual parabolic headlights with black masks. To reinforce the rugged appearance of this pick-up, several elements have earned the Stone Gray finish, such as fog lamp, wheel flare, rear bumper and push frame, which is new in this version. The new wheels are 16-inch with ATR 265/70 R16 tires – 50% on-road, 50% off-road. Inside, the vehicle comes with audio controls and autopilot built into the steering wheel and automatic air-conditioning.

The L200 Triton Outdoor MT is also packed with elements in Stone Gray, such as the whare flare, grille with friezes, rear bumper and thrust, fog headlight frame and 16 inch wheels. The skid plate is made of carbon steel and the rear view mirrors are black. In addition, the vehicle comes equipped with the longest bucket, which makes it easier to work, since it is possible to carry objects with larger dimensions. The vehicles are equipped with a 3.2L diesel engine with 180 hp and 372 Nm, making this pick-up a great weight-to-power ratio with only 10.8 kg / hp. Thanks to reduced 4×4 traction, it offers 15 gear combinations. For those who want a robust vehicle but do not make use of the 4×4 traction, the L200 Triton Outdoor Flex arrives as the ideal solution for the day to day. With the same DNA of the L200 Triton line, it has a 2.4-flex engine, 4-cylinder in-line, 16-valve, SOHC, sequential multipoint electronic injection that develops a power output of 142 hp at 5000 rpm and torque of 215 Nm at 4,000 rpm (ethanol). The fog headlight frame, wheel flare, 16-inch wheels and side friezes are in Stone Gray. The skid plate is carbon steel and the mirrors and door handles are black. The tires are ATR 265/70 R16.

Comfort with SDS and Full Displacement

The L200 Triton line is equipped with the exclusive SDS (Sport Dynamic Suspension) system, which reduces body movement and makes the vehicle even more stable on both asphalt and off-road use, providing the same level of comfort and safety with the car empty or loaded with more than a ton, even on uneven floors. The unique Full Displacement shock absorbers allow quick, unpredictable dynamic response, providing stability and agility, and increasing comfort in all situations. The set of wheels / tires does not tend to project with speed in holes and depressions. The result is even greater comfort and safety for the driver and passengers, not to mention the ease of overcoming obstacles or even traffic in the most severe conditions.

More news

The top-of-the-line HPE version also arrives with new features in the 2017 version. The vehicle comes with a new grille, DRL LED light next to the fog headlamp, silver-colored skid plate on the front bumper and optic set with chrome mask. The pick-up has a sophisticated design. The 16-inch alloy wheels feature Open Line design, rear-view mirrors have electric folding and LED indicators that increase safety. The leather seats are comfortable and privilege ergonomics, ensuring comfort for the driver and passengers, especially on long journeys and off-road stretches. With greater retention, they are wraparound and covered in Premium Leather material with double stitching and high density foam. The interior brings elements and equipment indispensable for those who do not give up the practicality and sophistication. The L200 Triton HPE is equipped with Power Touch multimedia kit with GPS, radio, CD, DVD, Bluetooth, plus automatic air-conditioning, power steering, autopilot and integrated steering wheel audio controls. In all, 16 object holders and 11 courtesy lights complete the set.

The L200 Triton has keyless for door opening and closing, one touch pushbutton for driving the driver’s glass, central locking of the doors, timer for courtesy lights and automatic locking of the doors by speed. The rear cover has integrated brake light, the knobs are chrome plated and the rear hitch is removable with electrical outlet. The L200 Triton HPE is available with two engine options: flex and diesel. The diesel engine has 3.2 L DID-H, 16-valve, DOHC with direct-injection Common-Rail electronics, drive chain, front turbo intercooler, resulting in efficiency, low vibration and noise levels, and lower emission of pollutants. The power is from 180 hp to 3,500 rpm and torque from 372 Nm to 2,000 rpm. The diesel version has two types of transmission: automatic or manual. The flex version is equipped with a 3.5L V6 MPI, 24-valve, SOHC engine, developing power from 205 hp at 5,000 rpm and torque from 328 Nm to 3,500 rpm with ethanol and 200 hp at 5,000 rpm and torque from 309 Nm to 3,500 rpm with gasoline. Thanks to Brazilian technology, the flex engine is designed to work with both fuels in any ratio.

Technology and efficiency

In all 4×4 versions of the L200 Triton line, the traction system is the Easy Select 4WD, which allows the option of three distinct modes of action: 4×2 – only rear traction, recommended for urban / road use and translates into fuel economy and lower noise level, 4×4 – all-wheel drive, ideal for low-grip tracks such as dirt, sand, gravel, mud etc., and the 4×4 with reduced – indicated for use in situations where full force is required, such as the transposition of obstacles, a task facilitated by the rear limited slip differential LSD Hybrid (with the exception of GLX 3.2 MT and GL 3.2 MT), which automatically transfers the traction to the wheel that requires force. The front suspension is independent, with double triangular arms, hydraulic dampers, coil springs and stabilizer bar. Its dimensions are ideal for all types of use and the off-road capability is reflected in the inlet (39 °) and outlet (29 °) angles, as well as the 220 mm ground clearance. The bucket is an indispensable item for those who use the car at work or play. Added to the internal space, it brings a lot of functionality, since it is suitable for carrying different types of materials and at the same time, the family. The entire L200 Triton range is equipped with an anti-noise package, which includes dual door seals and internal tarpaulins, ensuring a low noise level in the cab. The side stirrups facilitate access to the vehicle and reinforce the brand’s DNA.


Mitsubishi Motors’ major concern with safety is present in the L200 Triton. The chassis designed to increase the resistance to bending and torsion, makes this pick-up a very safe vehicle for any situation. The cabin features the RISE system of programmed deformation, in case of collision, steering column, pedal and the collapsible internal rear view mirror, side protection bars, in addition to double airbag. The brake system also receives news and now has 4-ABS technology with EBD and BAS, which electronically distributes the braking force on each wheel, keeping the vehicle on a correct and safe trajectory even in situations where the brakes are used. The strength and robustness are standard items of the L200 Triton: it is agile and practical in the most severe conditions and transforms the walks with the family in comfort, space and practicality.


The L200 Triton 2017 line is available in dealerships all over the country in eight color options: Alpine White, Cool Silver, Rhodium Silver, Black Onyx, London Gray, Baroque Brown, Monaco Red and Pantanal Green. The L200 Triton Savana AT has the exclusive Atlantic Blue color, available only for the first 200 units. The vehicles have a three year warranty and the Mit Review with a fixed price.